Piston Operated

All our Piston builds feature the Superlative Arms’, patented, 30 position, forward venting, adjustable Piston Block. Also included is the Superlative Arms’, Ion Bonded, 1-piece Carrier w/ Skis and Dimpled Key. 2 Hex Keys, and stainless piston rod.

The superlative arms patented “bleed off” Piston Block for the ar15 platform adjusts the gas flow by bleeding the gas out of the block instead of restricting the flow like conventional adjustable blocks.  Results:

  • The pressure used in the block is reduced only to the amount required to drive the bolt carrier. The remaining gas / pressure are bled out of the block allowing the system to run much cleaner and cooler. 
  • Reduction of felt recoil.
  • Patented adjustment detent is located outside of the block and therefore no contamination.
  • The gas adjustment screw does not restrict the gas flow; therefore, there is no erosion or seizing of the screw / no loss of detent due to carbon build up.  Although it is removable, we have added a safety mechanism, which stops you from unintentionally backing the screw all the way out.
  • When using SBR’s and / or suppressors the bleed off port allows the excessive pressure to be exhausted out of the block reducing blow back.